Workshop von Sergey Ivanov, am 20 — 21 Julil in WIEN (Österreich)

Workshop von Sergey Ivanov,
am 20 — 21 Julil in WIEN (Österreich)

Künstlerischer Sicht zur Fotografie.
Es wird garantiert persönlich und individuell auf jeden Teilnehmer
von diesem Workshop eingegangen. Auf dem Programm stehen viele praktische Übungen und Theorie nur auf das Wesentliche reduziert.



(Part N1. Published in english. Digital version.)


SERGEY IVANOV art photographer

Cheat-sheet for creative photographer (50 photos)

Breathtaking collection of Sergey Ivanov’s works represents
visual gallery of daring ideas, audacious imagination
and technical mastery.
Pocket Workshop materials will uncover secrets
of successful photography; provide opportunity to adopt author’s
unique groundwork and to see original thinking
and knowledge of photo artist, gained throughout the years.

50 photos — 50 euro

After receiving the money, i will send the textures to your e-mail.
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English version

Sergey Ivanov

A r t i s t i c    W e d d i n g    P h o t o g r a p h y




The workshop is designed for photographers at all levels and genres!

The workshop attempts to introduce all steps of creating a photo: photoshoot without post-processing,

photoshoot with light retouching using RAW-converter, photoshoot with artistic post-production using Photoshop


1. Artistic vision of an artist on photography!
2. Unique teaching methods and individual approach to each participant!
3. Huge amount of practical recommendations – 132 items!
4. More than 3000 participants from 27 countries and 56 cities who visited the workshop have higher artistic level and a lot of rewards!


Workshop Program (3 days)

(any of these dates is possible for participation)


Day 1: Philosophy of wedding photographer and making a creative picture (collage)

Lection time: 11:00 – 18:00

  • My philosophy of the wedding photographer;
  • Psychology of perception of the picture
  1. History: Image reading (decoding of  non-verbal messages) delivery  of  sense,  plot, information.
  2. Contrast: light, color, shape, dynamics ect
  3. The world of dimension — highlights and shadows, content.
  4. Depth: linear and tonal perspective.
  5. Creativity: from simple to complex
  • Choice of photo equipment, camera and lens overview, and peculiarities of the right choice of the equipment for the wedding photography;
  • Shooting of Creative photography (collage);
  • Selection of idea and implementing it: technical components and creative filling;
  • Secrets of creating an ideal collage.
  • Using of accessories as a part of entourage and mood transmission in photography
  • Demonstration of photographing by the lecturer


Recommended equipment: notebook and pen


Day 2. Theory and practice of shooting 

Lection time: 11:00 – 18:00

  • Working with the light: at the workshop you will see and learn original lighting  schemes for all occasions images regardless of weather conditions.
  • Artificial light – mastering the flash, umbrella, reflector and video lighting. Mixed light outdoors and indoors.
  • Natural light – tips on how to choose the best place for shooting with natural light, work with the sun and a reflector. How to catch the ideal natural light with the help of the sun. Shooting outdoors with light modifiers and reflectors.
  • Posing for the newlyweds – the most advantageous and original poses.
  • Choosing the perfect location for the photo session in your town. Points of attention. Photographing locations for further use in post-production.
  • Authorial original techniques on using additional elements during the photoshoot: flare and radiance effects, “Wet-On-Wet Watercolor” effect. Shooting without post processing.
  • Working with guests.
  • Shooting for a photo book: details, long shots — telling the story of the day.
  • Choice of additional accessories for creating an entourage and mood rendering.
  • Shooting the elements for post production: textures of the environment
  • Shooting of the workshop participants under the direction of the lecturer

Recommended equipment: photo equipment: Camera, Lenses (wide-angle lens 14-28mm, portrait lens 70-135mm), flash E-TTL Canon or I-TTL Nikon, radio synchronizer.


Day 3: Theory and practice of  post production. 

Lection time: 11:00 – 18:00

  • My philosophy of post-production
  • Post production in RAW, Photoshop CC and other additional plug ins and modules
  • Editing of the images made during the workshop using all the tips and authorial creative techniques.
  • Authorial creative technique of post-production


Accents of your photos that attract the eye of the viewer

Lighting elements: flare, illumination, romantic and magical elements.

Use of the visual effects to set the mood of the photo: rain, snow, smoke, fire, leaves, petals, and other flying elements.

Depth and airiness of the images.

Flying fabrics, veils, ribbons and other elements of the wedding clothing.

Using of textures for setting the atmosphere and mood of the picture.

Getting the image ready for presenting on web


Recommended equipment: notebook and pen. You can also bring a laptop but it may slow down the learning process for you.


Participants can optionally bring their work, printed or in electronic form viewing and discussion.

All of the participants will be given:

Certificate of completion

Photos shot during the workshop and their retouched versions

Textures shot during the workshop